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Fight With Hope, Strive On Grace. Victory Is Assured

Rev. 2:11b

“Those who win the victory will not be hurt by the second death.


The first death was the wage for our sins of which the life of Christ was given as a ransom for our rescue. The second death is what transitions us into the kingdom of his marvelous light. Salvation is not so much about our works and sacrifices, but hinged on obedience to Christ and the will of God for your life. We couldn’t have purchased our freedom with anything but Jesus did it out of pure love. There are battles and struggles in our Christian journey and Christ has positioned us to win at all cost. Victory in this case becomes purely a matter of choice. You can choose who to serve, where to serve and how to serve. Choose Life.!


I want to thank you Lord, that in all things you have proven to be the only true and potent companion. Delivering, guiding and leading me to the path of righteousness. Thank you for the victories. In Jesus Name.

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