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Even Through The Fire, You Will Still Flourish.

Psalm 92:13-14

They are like trees planted in the house of the LORD, that flourish in the Temple of our God, that still bear fruit in old age and are always green and strong.


The cedar is used in this scripture to explain the rewards of righteousness. The presence of God is the most fertile ground for growth, prosperity and protection. Every farmer who plants ensures enough nutrients in the soil to aid the proper growth of his crops. As we go through the seasons, plants shed leaves and re-bud when the rains appear but the cedar defies that process and is fresh all year round. You will bear fruit all year round both in and out of season. When others are shedding their leaves, you will remain fruitful and look green declaring the goodness of God because he has found you worthy.


Plant me in the vineyard of your presence. Let me not fade away O Lord, I want to remain fruitful, green and humble in your presence. May your name be praised and exalted always. In Jesus name..

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