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Christ Our Hope! The Driving Force Of Our Faith. He Is The Key.

2Cor 3:12 (GNT)

Therefore, since we have such a hope, we are very bold.


The Glory of God is diverse and holds within it, the very essence of all we need, think, and will ever want. Our entire psyche and the outer limits of our existence is made possible because of the life God breathed into us. Our life is his life and abilities, his abilities. The young lion believes in its strength so it pursues while the deer knows how to sprint so it sprints. Let your confidence rise because you are a product of a greater glory enshrined in your life. You have been purchased with that which is more valuable than silver and gold. Be bold and courageous. Live, live, live!


Open my eyes O Lord to see your glory. Let the meditations of my heart and the desires within my being be strengthened so I will trust in your promise of life. Thank you. In Jesus' name.

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