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Christ Our Chief Consolation Officer.

Psalm 94:19 (NIV)

When anxiety was great within me, your consolation brought me joy.


These words jump out of this scripture, anxiety, consolation and joy. None of these are tangible but are realities in the lives of many. Anxious situations (passing that exams, college, new job, new relationships) and moments will arise and the word of God provides comfort in every situation. Pack the word into your spirit and it will pop out and speak when the time comes. Joy will come because it is a byproduct of consolation. Courage will be built out of fear and the spirit will always be the comforter. Let your mind and soul be the storehouse of God’s word.


Father let your word comfort me on the day of anxiety. Let me find consolation in your promises and never let joy depart from my heart. In Jesus name I pray

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