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Christ Our Assured Anchor: He Gives And Protector Of Life.

Psalm 71:6 (GNT)

I have relied on you all my life; you have protected me since the day I was born. I will always praise you.


The Bible says it is only a fool that’ll say in his heart there’s no God. The evidence of God is so clearly seen all around us to the extent that denial of the existence of God is bluntly deliberate. Whether you believe it or not, all of creation exists because God made it. All of life was given by God and he protects us all. Our salvation is assured through the blood, toil and death of Jesus Christ. So you are a believer and it is important that you always define the source of everything in your life. God is your source and to deny it will be pure ingratitude. Rely solely on God. Believe in Jesus.


Eternal father of creation, I have believed in your mighty works and I have trusted in your magnificence to protect my life eternally. Thank you for your hand of deliverance. Love you always. In Jesus name.

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