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Build Houses And Dwell In Peace. Your Victory Is Insured By God.

Ezra 4:4 (GNT)

Then the people who had been living in the land tried to discourage and frighten the Jews and keep them from building.


There are no “free lunches” even as a child of God. The grace of God was freely given and it came at a price; “the blood of Jesus”. After God’s people refused to allow them to infiltrate God’s plan, they physically frustrated them to discourage the building of the temple. After Jesus resisted Satan's temptation, he left him “for a while” before the Pharisees started the roadmap to the cross. Baby Jesus wasn’t spared from the same fate. Even when God has clearly spoken, there’s a price to pay: His promises though, will always carry you through the period of incubation and the birth. Stay on the goal, uphold the vision. You will build and dwell in peace.


Father I pray that you mount me upon your wings to fly through the eye of the storm. Shield me with your grace so I can rise in the event that I fall. I will dwell in your presence, I will build your house. IJN

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