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Be The Olive. Rise And Reign Over The Seasons, Situations And Traps.

Psalm 52:8 (GNT)

But I am like an olive tree growing in the house of God; I trust in his constant love for ever and ever.


The Olive tree is one of the most significant trees in religious circles. Apart from its great medicinal benefits it produces olive oil which is both dietary and a symbol of God’s anointing. It has made some wealthy and given some people a livelihood. It has stood the test of time and survived through many generations and loved by all races, religions, cultures, and ideologies. Not moved by the weather, not destroyed by the wind. It is a symbol of the product of God’s love. YOU ARE AN OLIVE TREE. The house and the kingdom of God needs you. God’s love is forever assured.


Father thank you for preserving my life through the ages I’ve known and seen your wonders. Thank you for the protection and relevance in this world. Make me a true symbol of your love. In Jesus name I pray.

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