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Be Assured: If God Said It, He Will Surely Provide For It.

Ezra 4:3 (GNT)

Zerubbabel, Joshua, and the heads of the clans said to them, “We don't need your help to build a temple for the LORD our God. We will build it ourselves, just as Cyrus, emperor of Persia, commanded us.”


King Cyrus commanded the rebuilding of the temple in Jerusalem. The enemies of Judah wanted to gain access to God’s plan so they offered to help them. The Jews prophetically rejected their help. The enemy is always looking for a foothold into God’s plan for your life. The devil did it to Jesus by tempting him and he will surely do it to you. Watch out for those partnerships that spring out of nowhere and connections that look too good to be true. Stand your ground, hold on to the promise that is driving you forward and protect it with all your might, strength and wisdom. Be vigilant, courageous and learn to discern and reject evil.


I pray today O Lord, that you open my eyes to see the works of the enemy. And give me the courage to stand in the face of deception and wisdom to reject anything not of your will. In Jesus’ Name.

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