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As Powerful As His Words Are, So Are Yours. Speak Life, Save A Nation.

Psalm 69:33 (GNT)

The LORD listens to those in need and does not forget his people in prison.


The human being (Body, Soul Spirit) will always be in need of something higher. Need creates an opportunity for God to become the provider in our lives. The truth is this: He is capable of providing more than we can ever have room for. As beings bearing his very own spirit, access into his mind is made easier because we can search and know the mind of God concerning our lives and then ask accordingly. Prison is used to denote any type of binding situation which limits our freedom in the kingdom. God will listen no matter what and you’ll not be forgotten. Keep asking please.


Let us never grow weary of coming into your gracious presence O Lord. Your ears heed our cries and you will deliver us from the vices which set us back. In Jesus name.

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