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A Mighty Warrior, Great Healer, Great Provider.

 Psalm 44:3

Your people did not conquer the land with their swords; they did not win it by their own power; it was by your power and your strength, by the assurance of your presence, which showed that you loved them.


One thing I know is that man wasn’t created to become or engage in all the things we are forced to do. Fight battles (God is a mighty warrior), become doctors (he is the mighty healer), lawyers (our righteous judge) etc. God made us to have dominion over all the earth, for fellowship and praise. We can conquer great lands, win fiery battles, possess our domains, deliver nations, without expending an ounce of energy. God is able to fight for you by his power and might and you shall hold our peace. Learn to praise more and Seek his presence when the storms rage. He will fight for you.


Dear Lord Jesus, my strength is limited, and I have no power of my own. I totally depend on you O God. Lead me to my “promise land” and fight my cause. Let your sweet presence be with me. In Jesus’ name.

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