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Your Were Forged With Steel And Crowned With Glory. A Sign And A Wonder.

Luke 1:2b

“So his parents took him to Jerusalem to present him to the Lord.


As was the tradition according to the law of Moses, the first male child would be presented to the Lord. That process established God’s authority over the child and transferred “spiritual ownership” to God. For some reason your parents copied this tradition and made a deal with a priest. They dedicated you to God, gave you a marvelous Christian name and baptized you. He gave you to them and they gave you back to him. That process marked you for heaven and made you God’s bonafide child. Your enemies can try all they want, you are an enigma!


Oh Lord you made a mystery and a wonder to all men. Let my enemies encounter you in the process of planning my downfall. Let them search but not find me. Hide me in your pavilion of love. In Jesus’ name.

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