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You will wait no more. God is coming through for you. Give thanks.

Isaiah 49:23b

Then you will know that I am the LORD; no one who waits for my help will be disappointed.”


There are the workings of God which are not dependent on our timelines. If we are needy enough to ask for his help, we must be discerning enough through faith to wait for his help. The waiting process could become one of the most enduring times in the process because we are used to instant justice and gratification (the microwave experience). God leads and we follow, he commands and we obey out of reverence for who he is. You are a child of the most high and he wants the best for you. For everything to work for your good, it has to be on his time. The reward for waiting will never be disappointment. Be encouraged and endure till he’s finished.


I acknowledge O Lord, that the waiting process is sometimes long and challenging but I will wait for your help. I trust in your ways and I believe that you are faithful, and God of all on earth and in heaven..

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