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You Were Made Perfect. He Was The Standard. Just Look In The Mirror.

Isaiah 65:8 (GNT)

The LORD says, “No one destroys good grapes; instead, they make wine with them. Neither will I destroy all my people — I will save those who serve me.


This is another evidence of the grace of God at work. This was a time when we (gentiles) couldn’t have been a part of this promise because we weren’t of the tribe of Israel. Today, through the right of adoption and spiritual integration, we can equally claim this special place in God’s eye. This is a testament of your worth in God’s eternal plan. We were perfect when he finished our creation because his image and likeness was the standard for comparison. So when he said we were good he knew we were like him not the archangels. Serve him and he shall surely save thee from all that torments and plagues you.


Thank you Lord for the time and effort you devote towards my cause. Let my case be at the forefront of your will and let my understanding of you never diminish. I love you. In Jesus’ Name.

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