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You Matter In God's Divine Plan. A Worthy Instrument Of Power.

Psalm 46:10b

“ I will be exalted in all the nations, I will be exalted in all the earth”


God assures David and the people of Israel of his hold over this world and all the nations at some point in the future. We see Jesus telling his disciples that all authority in both heaven and the earth had been given to him. The resurrection of Jesus was the foundation for the exaltation of God in all the earth. Jesus dispersed that authority into all of us who believe in him and have faith enough to walk in God’s will. Just like how all the body parts function for the success of the body, the role and part you play as a believer is essential to the exaltation of God the father in all the earth and all the nations.You truly matter in this plan.


You Oh Lord are exalted in all the nations beyond the foundations of the earth. You shine through me even though unworthy of your call. Let your name be proclaimed everywhere I go. In Jesus’ name I pray.

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