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Walk In Power And Glory: You Have The Creative Capabilities In Genesis 1

Psalm 82:6

' ‘You are gods,’ I said; ‘all of you are children of the Most High.’ '


To not know who you are, by losing your identity is one of the worst things that can ever befall a person. By virtue of our spiritual birth we take on the nature of God, possessing most of the characteristics of God himself. When God breathed life into man, we lived because he lives and as long as we remain connected, we are living beings. You can speak things into being like God did, you can rebuke Satan just like Christ did and you can create incredible things like he did. God has been reminding us of this all through the scriptures. Trust in the God who lives in you and use your words.


Forgive us O Lord for we have not trusted in our abilities and doubted our true potential. Let your presence in my life produce an awakening so I can fulfill your will.In Jesus’ name I pray.

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