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The City Of Refuge: Our Divine Escape Unto Grace.

Joshua 20:1

Then the LORD told Joshua to say to the people of Israel, “Choose the cities of refuge that I commanded Moses to tell you about...”


After the conquest, God commanded the setting up of the cities of refuge to protect those who had committed certain types of crimes accidentally. This is similar to the sanctuary cities set up in the US to protect certain immigrants from deportation and prosecution. This was the beginning of the idea of the provision of “grace” for God’s people. Even though he’s a God of Justice, he has always been a God of love and compassion looking out for an opportunity to save the perishing soul from damnation. If God dwells in your heart, you will always look to save another from perishing. Spread his love, share his word, heal the world.


Thank you Lord for demonstrating time and again that I am a priority and worthy of life.. Lead me to love all men and show mercy in all situations. Let me stand strong and lead with your grace. In Jesus’ Name.

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