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Redeemed For Greatness. That's What We are. No More Slaves.

Rev. 14:4b (GNT)

They have been redeemed from the rest of the human race and are the first ones to be offered to God and to the Lamb.


God has a standard of holiness, righteousness, a true loving nature and pure heart. Man keeps falling but God always has a plan to redeem man. We are a special people adopted to take part in the inheritance of the children. We have become equal not by birth, but by his adoption. Jesus purchased and paid for us, so that we can enjoy the benefits of heaven. You were rescued from damnation and cleansed from filth and dirt. You were polished, groomed and fed to look presentable. You were then offered to God a changed and redeemed son/daughter. He gave you a name, made you bold, and empowered you with dominion. Walk with and in confidence.


You O Lord, out of love and compassion have shown me the way of love, grace and dominion. I know you are not done with me yet. You have crowned me with glory and filled my mouth with honey. Thank You. IJN

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