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Praise! Your Natural Response From A Grateful Heart.

Psalm 84:4 (NIV)

Blessed are those who dwell in your house; they are ever praising you.


Dwelling in the house of the Lord by choice is an indication that you want to be in the presence of God. Being in the presence of God means you want to fellowship with God. There’s nothing more pleasing to God than a subjected heart of worship that’s ready for praise. The truth is, we don’t always enter into his courts with thanksgiving. Sometimes we go with fear, anxieties, indecision etc. and not in praise mode but if we dwell in his presence faithfully, we will receive an assurance of goodness and a revelation for remedy, our hearts can only praise. We will praise because of the joy and gladness. When you praise God he becomes “swollen headed” and He “signs the checks”. Ring a bell?


Spirit of God, come dwell within our hearts so we can receive the fullness of the measure of praise. Remind me daily that God is bigger than my troubles and he can move anytime. In Jesus’ name.

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