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Obedience & Humility: A Worthy Sacrifice Unto God.

Psalm 51:17(GNT)

My sacrifice is a humble spirit, O God; you will not reject a humble and repentant heart


This was King David expressing to God his knowledge of who he is. God has a dynamic nature and can become anything depending on what is prevailing. David was good at offering incredible sacrifices that blew God’s mind and led him to have a special grace for David. In this very verse, he offers a humble spirit and reminds God of his conditions for forgiveness. He was confident that burnt offerings were not going to work at that time. More than anything, God is interested in our obedience & humility because he can then mold & teach us to walk in his will.


Father, give me the courage to expel any traces of pride from my heart so I can walk in obedience to your word, reject anything sinful and fulfill my destiny. I bless you O Lord. In Jesus’ name.

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