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Christ Behind You, Victory Before You. Make Them Fall.!

Joshua 23:10 (GNT)

Any one of you can make a thousand men run away, because the LORD your God is fighting for you, just as he promised.


To ever think that by our own strength or skill we can win the Lords’ battles is deceptive and this effort will only wear us out. A man possesses nothing unless it is given from above. Israel till this day is always outnumbered by its enemies and yet always victorious. It has nothing to do with their swords, bows or arrows but the sole doing of the Lord. Your success, prosperity and victories are propelled by God. God is saying that you can make a thousand men run for their lives. So then I have a little advice for you today, let’s drive away a thousand demons and oppressors. Let us declare victory because the Lord is with us.


I declare by the blood of the lamb that any entities or opposition to my breakthrough, progress and happiness be driven far away. I establish abundance, peace and joy in my life. In Jesus’ Name.

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