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A Rock In The Land. His Favor and Pleasure.

Jeremiah 32:41 (GNT)

I will take pleasure in doing good things for them, and I will establish them permanently in this land.


The omnipotence of God places him in a unique position to make anything happen. The truth is that, God gave man a lot of say (Dominion) in determining what should happen in his own life, When man positions himself in the right place and aligns with God’s timing, God willingly takes pleasure in lifting and exalting man beyond wealth and the world. The agenda of heaven is to bless you and nothing can come between your life and God’s love (plan) for you. Nothing is lost just delayed for you to make that move. Claim your life and blessings today. Receive your breakthrough today.


Thank you Oh Lord for always ready to hear my cry. I pray a release of every treasure, blessing and provision that is waiting for my manifestation. Let the heaven be open over my life today

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